About the System

Current solutions are too slow to stop the leak of information and too passive to protect individuals and businesses from cyber attacks.


5th Gen. hacker techniques vs. 3rd Gen. defense


Cyber attacks occur every 39 seconds


In Q1 2020, 8.4B personal records were hacked

A New Way

An innovative cybersecurity system that identifies cyberattacks & locates the attacker

FindTrackCapture (FTC) is computer-based system for tracking any number of threats and IP addresses worldwide suspected of perpetrating a cyberattack against a private computing entity (PCE). Utilizing both hardware & software firewall with AI abilities, the FTC system protects private computing entities by feeding the attacker falsified information and tracking their footprint which not only neutralizes the threat online but has to potential to be neutralized offline as well.

System Components

The system is comprised of multiple moving parts that protect private computing entities from threats via networks or media devices (USB). The components of the systems that deal with software and hardware attacks are comprised of the following:

  • DDoS Prevention Neutralization System
  • Private Computing Entities & their Servers
  • Tailor Made firewalls for company and individual needs
  • Sandbox Server & the Honey Pot Module
  • Undercover Server
  • Mole Code
  • Telltale Packets

DDoS Prevention & Neutralization System: System that detects Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks as they occur on a company’s primary line of communication and shuts it down while activating a secondary line of communication on a different IP address until the attack has been neutralized on the primary line. Once the attack has been neutralized, communication resumes on the primary line.

Private Computing Entity & Its Server: Private Computing Entities can be defined either as a network or simply an individual piece of hardware that sits next to the server or the computer of a business, an organization, private individual, limited-access computer in addition to a cloud-based service, financial network, infrastructure control network, or select appliances. FTC also provides protection for the networks of any of the aforementioned entities including public networks such as the internet, blockchain networks or a combination of the two.

Firewalls 1 & 2: Within the private computing entities’ servers there can either be one or two firewalls in place to analyze data packets as they come in from the networks. Firewalls have either whitelists, blacklists or both as means of analyzing data to ensure they are acceptable or need to be tagged as suspicious. Whitelists are a lists of acceptable attributes to be admitted into the server while blacklists are the attributes deemed too dangerous or suspicious to be admitted to the server.  

Sandbox Server & the Honey Pot Module: Area of the system where suspicious data packets sent to the private computing entity are deconstructed and analyzed.

Undercover Server: Area where responses to suspicious data files are sent from the sandbox server/honey pot module are compiled with falsified data and an embedded mole code.

Mole Code: Hidden program within falsified response sent back to attacks to track the attacker’s IP address and computer’s physical hardware via the unique FTC program.



From businesses to the individual, everyone is protected


DDoS & Neutralization systems ensure communication even under attack

Level Playing Field

Not only thwart a potential attack, but also prosecute the attacker

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