About US

FindTrackCapture (FTC) is computer-based system for tracking and prosecuting any number of threats and IP addresses suspected of perpetrating a cyberattack against a private computing entity (PCE) by means of hardware and software solutions.

FTC creates a unique platform that not only protects private computing entities from suspicious or malicious attacks. FTC provides a unique value for both private computing entities and their law enforcement clients in a unique way that does not adhere to the orthodoxy of cybersecurity. It has a consistent value for Private Computing Entities and for Law Enforcement, protecting their most valuable assets.

Key Features

Two-tiered firewall system

with whitelists & blacklists with their own attribute sets

Sandbox Server & Honey Pot Module

for the dissection of malicious data packets and the construction of falsified & deceptive data files to be forward to the undercover server.


that receives deceptive data files creating a return file using the PCE’s credentials to be transferred back to the attacking computer


Identification of attacking computer’s network location identifiers through telltale packets

Cybersecurity has come to protect things such as critical infrastructure, application security, cloud security, network security and security for Internet of things (IOT) solutions; but the ability to identify a potential attacker’s network or computer identifiers and even their physical location remains elusive in the market.

Current firewall solutions are passive systems that only rely on building firewall upon firewall or the analysis of anomalies and hacker patterns in the form of learned protection. However, these solutions still leave governments, infrastructure, businesses and private citizens exposed and do not provide the protection they should from attacks such as ransomware, distributed denial-of-service attacks (DDoS), industrial espionage and identity theft. Additionally, current solutions are often slow to stop the leak of precious information as it could take many companies up to 6 months to detect major data breaches. By the time the breach has been discovered the damage has already been done.

Competitive Edge

Clandestine Operation

By not sending a denial of access signal to the attacker when they attempt to access the data on a client’s server and feeding the attacker deceptive and false information; it gives the PCE a fighting chance to not only thwart a potential attack but to prosecute the attacker further.

Efficiency vs. Quantity

FTC’s platform can operate with as few as one firewall and be more effective than cybersecurity orthodoxy which is traditionally built on multiple firewalls. 


Most customers of cybersecurity solutions of a similar magnitude often pay for these services at a premium because they are usually a government or an organization that is flushed with capital. FTC is meant to accessible to all types of PCEs even at the individual level so that everyone has a chance to be protected.

Our Teamship

Itzhak Malach
Advisory Board

MA from Tel AVIV university , head of mamram unit IDF, Colonel retired. Deputy CEO Leumi group technology division.

Nati Greenberg

B.A. in Business Administration and MBA in Law. Served in high level positions at international companies focusing on business development and mergers.

Shay Oriel Yoel

B.A. in CISO and CWS. Crafted "tailor made" security suits for any MOD Supplier. Experienced NOC tram member.